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It’s Raining Men

It's Raining Men

DOLCE & GABBANA VINTAGE pinstripe suit
£209 –

Nike AW77 Vintage Marl FZ Hoody
£75 –

Rag & Bone Vintage Jeans
$205 –

1930’S Brass Cufflink
£39 –


What A Girl Wants – Vintage Finds For Valentines

What A Girl Wants - Vintage Finds For Valentines


Au Jour Le Jour corset top
£157 –

Giorgio Brato vintage jacket
€1.139 –

Cropped jacket
£604 –

Chanel a line skirt
£520 –

Modern Vintage platform pumps
$260 –

Vintage style handbag

1928 locket necklace
$24 –

Dorothy Perkins flower brooch
$14 –

Diamond jewelry

Dior New Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer
$22 –

€1.072 –

Vintage Flower Pin
$25 –

Essie Nail Polish – Browns
$8 –

For the Fellas

For the Fellas

So often on Valentine’s Day we focus on gifts for her. What about the guys? They deserve some love too. Here is a really nice vintage money clip for the man who loves vintage. (or for the Don Draper in your life.)
See this and more at CuffandColar on Etsy. They specialize in vintage items for men.

Need a New Pocketbook? :)

Need a New Pocketbook?   :)

How clever and cool is this? Purses based on novels. I just had to share! By Novel Creations on Etsy.

Great Valentine’s Day gift for that book-lovin girl in your life. Besides, who wouldn’t love a new purse?

My Heart on a String

 Just added. A vintage heart locket with a gold key all on a delicate vintage gold chain. This gift comes with a vintage pedestal jewelry holder handpainted with roses and daisies. Perfect for your Valentine.

See more pics and Valentine’s Day gifts at:

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Happy New Year!