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Who Needs Calgon When You’ve Got Don?

Who Needs Calgon When You've Got Don?

We just got back from a great estate sale. An elderly couple (one had been a concert pianist, the other an opera singer) lived in a mid century home with vintage galore. I was in ecstasy. This is just one of the items we picked up. A tray perfect for serving your Mad Men martinis. (I for one am counting the days. Who needs Calgon when you’ve got Don?)


Unique Home Decor

Unique Home Decor

I adore this shop. They sell switchplates, lampshades, and other home decor covered with vintage wallpaper. Very beautiful and clever.

Adorn your home with something no one else has. Check out Fondue on Etsy.

While you’re there, check out our shop. We will be adding about 20 new items tomorrow!

For the Fellas

For the Fellas

So often on Valentine’s Day we focus on gifts for her. What about the guys? They deserve some love too. Here is a really nice vintage money clip for the man who loves vintage. (or for the Don Draper in your life.)
See this and more at CuffandColar on Etsy. They specialize in vintage items for men.

Will You Be Mine?

Will You Be Mine?

I love Valentine’s Day! It’s the one holiday you’re not obligated to participate in so anything you give or get is truly heartfelt.

Why buy standard issue VDay cards when you can get something a little extra special without any extra effort? Go for these vintage cards from Tparty on Etsy.


Enesco is an American company probably best known for their “Precious Moments” collectibles.  They are headquartered in Itasca, IL and have been producing home decor for many decades.

This vintage creamer is in excellent condition and would look great with shabby chic decor.


Adorable vintage Poodle figurine by Enesco just melts my heart.   I’m not sure if Internet shopping is a good or bad thing, but my wallet sure is alot lighter 🙂




Both of these items can be purchased on Etsy.  Happy shopping!




Fabulous Pieces has some of the most spectacular upcycled furniture on the net.  This piece just makes me purr!


The Purple Moon

Drexel buffet from 1958. Great condition. $895 not including shipping. Gorgeous.