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Syroco shelf in turquoise just listed in our shop.


Lazy Days of Summer

Lazy Days of Summer

I just love, love, love this orange mcm vase. The “flowers” smell great. (They are actually weeds that were growing in my yard. Would you have known if I hadn’t told you? 🙂

Vintage Delft

Vintage Delft

Pretty vintage Delft tile wall hanging. Perfect condition.
Check it out.

Yo Ho Ho!

Yo Ho Ho!

Vintage Sharp’s Rum and Butter Toffee tin. Just added to our store. See more at:

Fly The Friendly Skies – Oh Wait, That’s United

On The Road Again

I love these posters. Original advertisements for TWA (Trans World Airlines- now defunct). Such a great vintage vibe. Lots of locations to choose from so you’re bound to find one from a location you’ve been to. Enjoy.

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

While not vintage, I think this would look great in a mid century room nonetheless. This looks like just about the right size for my own fur baby.

To purchase, visit Vurv Design on Etsy or click on the pic.

Daddy, I Want To Go To Miami

  How cool is this?  This shop takes photos of old maps and re-touches them with cool vintage colors. So kitschy. I just love it.

Check out Vintage Beach Maps on Etsy to purchase.