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The Ants Go Marching

The Ants Go Marching

Yemenite Singer

Yemenite Singer

I’m always on the lookout for mid century art. Saw this piece on Pinterest and just had to share. It’s a ceramic wall plaque. Just love the colors. It is for sale on Ebay.

Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun

Platform shoes
$45 –

18k jewelry
$4,749 –

Retro Bullet Retro Bullet Planter
$160 –

Ma Cherie Fifi

Ma Cherie Fifi










No animal more brings to mind the Fifties than the poodle. Remember poodle skirts? (me neither.)  When I think of poodles I think of a pampered little dog that is very delicate. Here it is Saturday night and my “date”, one very tiny 5 pound toy poodle is sprawled across my chest as I type this.

Why? She is exhausted. She spent the day playing chase with a dog twice her size (and running circles around him), racing (yes racing) through the forest preserve and finally collapsing on my lap. What a fun little bundle of energy. She may look like a princess but she has the spirit of a lion. And the biggest part of her body is her heart.

My advice?  Save a pet and rescue a life (yours!).

Daddy, I Want To Go To Miami

  How cool is this?  This shop takes photos of old maps and re-touches them with cool vintage colors. So kitschy. I just love it.

Check out Vintage Beach Maps on Etsy to purchase.