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In Bloom

Vintage Chip and Dip Bowl

Just found this at an estate sale in Chi-town. Looks even better in person. Viewed from the top it looks like a flower with the scalloped edges and middle bowl which is also scalloped. Really pretty rosa rugosa pattern in gold on the top. Perfect condition. Check it out at


Mad Men

  It’s been too long. I need my “Mad Men” fix. And for my viewing party?  Fondue, of course.

I love this one that I just picked up at an estate sale.  It makes me think of flower power every time I look at it.

Now comes the hard part.  Cheese or chocolate? WWDD? Is there an alcohol fondue?

Who Loves Fondue?

I found this really interesting site tonight – The Retro Recipe Challenge.  For those who love to cook (or maybe those who still haven’t gotten over Tang and freeze-dried ice cream) there’s a place to share your recipes and memories with like minded folk. It’s worth a look-see.