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In Bloom

Vintage Chip and Dip Bowl

Just found this at an estate sale in Chi-town. Looks even better in person. Viewed from the top it looks like a flower with the scalloped edges and middle bowl which is also scalloped. Really pretty rosa rugosa pattern in gold on the top. Perfect condition. Check it out at


Good Girls Do

Good Girls Do

Silk dress
£650 –

Vintage coat
$795 –

Sergio Rossi slingback pumps
$715 –

Taupe handbag
£180 –

Fossil jewelry
$28 –

Theodora Callum shawls scarve
$175 –

Isabella Oliver genuine leather belt
$115 –

Little Flirt Lash
$15 –

Rouge in Love

Monsoon Coconut Lip Balm
£4 –

Who Needs Calgon When You’ve Got Don?

Who Needs Calgon When You've Got Don?

We just got back from a great estate sale. An elderly couple (one had been a concert pianist, the other an opera singer) lived in a mid century home with vintage galore. I was in ecstasy. This is just one of the items we picked up. A tray perfect for serving your Mad Men martinis. (I for one am counting the days. Who needs Calgon when you’ve got Don?)

Mad Men

  It’s been too long. I need my “Mad Men” fix. And for my viewing party?  Fondue, of course.

I love this one that I just picked up at an estate sale.  It makes me think of flower power every time I look at it.

Now comes the hard part.  Cheese or chocolate? WWDD? Is there an alcohol fondue?

It’s Raining Men

It's Raining Men

DOLCE & GABBANA VINTAGE pinstripe suit
£209 –

Nike AW77 Vintage Marl FZ Hoody
£75 –

Rag & Bone Vintage Jeans
$205 –

1930’S Brass Cufflink
£39 –

What A Girl Wants – Vintage Finds For Valentines

What A Girl Wants - Vintage Finds For Valentines


Au Jour Le Jour corset top
£157 –

Giorgio Brato vintage jacket
€1.139 –

Cropped jacket
£604 –

Chanel a line skirt
£520 –

Modern Vintage platform pumps
$260 –

Vintage style handbag

1928 locket necklace
$24 –

Dorothy Perkins flower brooch
$14 –

Diamond jewelry

Dior New Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer
$22 –

€1.072 –

Vintage Flower Pin
$25 –

Essie Nail Polish – Browns
$8 –

Do You Want to Come in For a Cup of Coffee?

Do You Want to Come in For a Cup of Coffee?