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In Bloom

Vintage Chip and Dip Bowl

Just found this at an estate sale in Chi-town. Looks even better in person. Viewed from the top it looks like a flower with the scalloped edges and middle bowl which is also scalloped. Really pretty rosa rugosa pattern in gold on the top. Perfect condition. Check it out at


Christmas in Summer

Christmas in Summer

Just added! Super cute vintage Lefton reindeer salt and pepper shakers. It seems odd to be talking about Christmas in August but these were so cute I just had to share.

Daffodil Delight

Darling vintage daffodil bowl/dish. Perfect for serving dip at a party or jam when the girls come over for Sunday brunch.

Salvador DALI Cook Book by GentlemanlyPursuits on Etsy

Salvador DALI Cook Book by GentlemanlyPursuits on Etsy.

How cool is this? I had no idea Salvador Dali could cook much less conjer up recipes.

What a fantastic piece of history and it’s probably really beautiful on the inside too.

The Cone of Silence

The Cone of Silence

Remember Get Smart? Even if you’ve only seen it on TV Land or Me TV this is still a great collectible. Shows the normal wear and tear of a metal lunch box from 1966. Now, back to my cone of silence.

These Times They Are A Changin’

These Times They Are A Changin'

For you Disney lovers out there ( and you know who you are – me included) we have a WDW souvenir book from 1972. A really great piece of history.