Win Some Lose Some

FYI Great Mid century giveaway.

Mad Men has taken this country by storm. Not only b/c of the enticing story lines and the seductive/glamorous fashion of both men and women, but also b/c of its keen attention to the nostalgic details of that period.  The design sets boast lines, shapes, textures, and colors reminiscent of iconic Mid-Century Modern aesthetics. 

Mad Men is responsible for setting a new wave of revival interest in Mid-Century Modern designs for those who lived through the 1950’s-1960’s AND also familiarizing the current generation to this era’s popular style. 

You may already know that I am quite OBSESSED w/ Mid-Century Modern pieces (in addition to Parisian architect). To me, they represent timeless quality designs w/ form and function. 

So if you are like me or any of the millions of people who are quite obsessed w/ this time period decor, you will want to check outStylish Furniture + Decor 

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